Taxicabs in Morocco – cheap and somehow… insane

A couple of weeks ago I went to Morocco for the second time. After seeing the Sahara desert and the “pink city”, Marrakech, this time I decided to go to a more European part of the country, to Tanger.

The city itself doesn’t have much to see, honestly. If you’re looking for a more authentic part of Morocco, you need to get away to the heart of the country, and that’s what we decided to do. Since we were four us, we decided to share a cab. Little did we know that a surprise was coming our way.

Now here’s the peculiar thing about cabs. In Morocco there are 2 types of cabs:

  • petit taxi (small cab) – used for inner city transport
  • grand taxi (big cab) – used for traveling outside the city

Now don’t let this mislead you. There are no real big taxis, such as a mini van or  the type of cabs that one usually takes at the airport in the UK.A big taxi is just a 1970 (fine piece of art) Mercedes.

Why is it called “grand”? Because 7 people fit inside (including the driver). 2 people near the driver’s seat, and 4 people behind.

7 people in a cab-2

Why? Since in Morocco people pay the cab per person, not per ride, I guess that taxi drivers earn more money this way, or people pay less traveling more in one car.

But what about the “petit taxi”?


Well, contrary to popular belief, only 4 people fit inside, including the driver. Why? We never really got to find out 🙂

Well, folks, that’s the cab mystery of Morocco! Stay tuned for more posts.


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